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My Sports Broker has created a Fantasy Sports Game called GameDay Interactive!. GameDay InterActive! is the world’s first InterActive Mobile Sports Loyalty/Reward Application. GameDay InterActive not only engages players in the world of fantasy gaming across five of the most popular and well known sports leagues in the world -  NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and PGA Tour, - but also allows consumers to be interactively engaged with the advertiser. While this may appear at first glance like any other fantasy sports game on the Internet, GameDay InterActive offers players a lot more than just the drafting and trading of athletes. GameDay InterActive allows you to earn Loyalty/Reward points and prizes for participating in the broadcast and by just answering sometimes challenging and informative questions about the game itself and/or its sponsors. No other game allows you the opportunity to earn reward points for your passion for sports.


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About Fantasy Sports


In the past, Fantasy Sports was a game based on where sports fans would compile a team that would compete with other players. These games would allow the players to create their own teams with their favourite players. The two games (GameDay and the PSX Exchange) that will be launched by My Sports Broker has added a new twist to Fantasy Sports as they are both interactive with a social media twist.


Fantasy sports is estimated to have a $3-4 Billion annual economic impact on the sporting industry. In 2010 it has been estimated that 32 million people age 12+ in Canada and US participated in some form of a fantasy sports game. It has been estimated that participation has grown 60% in the past 4 years.


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